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Summer Wedding Jewelry Trends

July 12th, 2012 11:17 am

Wedding Day is definitely ‘one of the biggest days’ in every woman’s life. She wants to look her best for this special occasion. Though women arrange their hair and do makeup every day. But wedding hair and makeup needs specific treatment. And not only this, choosing fabulous wedding jewelry matching with wedding dress is one of the key tasks for every bride-to-be.

Wedding jewelry plays very important role when deciding for a wedding outfit. After deciding the type and color of wedding gown, every bride looks for fabulous jewelry that can add grace to her wedding outfit. For this, she looks and searches for the latest jewelry trends, so that she can look her best on her special day.

Current trends in bridal jewelry and accessories are actually similar to fashion trends going on for this summer. Wedding jewelry trends that are going this season are chandelier earrings, statement necklaces and bangles, stacked cuffs, cocktail rings, and these all are rage for a fashionable bride. All mentioned jewelry items are in for wedding jewelry. Let’s, begin with main topic:

Bold Necklaces:

Wedding jewelry, traditionally, is kept simple & feminine so that it can highlight bride and her gown. This season big and bold jewelry is taking over the wedding scene. Large bib necklaces are expected to be huge hit with brides this year. Vintage designed necklaces bedeck with soft, feminine pearls and sparkling gemstones are perfect statement piece to add to any gown. Bib necklaces worn with up-swept hair styles and gowns those drapes off shoulder are also very popular with brides.

Pearl and Stone Jewelry:

For a simple romantic look, stick with traditional strand of pearls & diamond studs. Consider layering strands of different sized pearls to update look. For extra touch of flair, throw in something unexpected. Select one or two strands with sparky rhinestones or black Tahitian pearls. This feminine and sophisticated style will be a standout statement on wedding.


Big chandelier earrings are, also big this season. And hence no reason to leave this trend behind on wedding day. Dangling earrings with a vintage twist are also in. Soft metallics like gold and bronze are good choices in earrings. White, rose or ivory pearls always scream vintage. Chandelier earrings will frame the face perfectly with an updo hairstyle.

Hair Pins:

Hair Pins with tiaras & veils being shorter and smaller counts in fashion style. Showing up pins, on wedding dresses, too have variety made from diamonds or rhinestones. Hair accessories enhance hair beauty and provide beautiful look to bride.

Wedding Ring:

Choosing a wedding ring is definitely one of the most difficult tasks for a bride as well as for the groom. A wedding ring adorns the wearer’s hand for rest of life and speaks volumes about the love between the couple. So, it totally depends on person’s choice that what type of wedding ring he/she will choose. As per the wedding jewelry trends are concerned, a wedding ring should be such that steals away heart in first look and can be admired for whole life.

Italian Designer Jewelry

July 10th, 2012 11:07 am

The history of jewelry design in Italy is rich, diverse and passionate. Modern Italian designer jewelry draws from traditions in fine craftsmanship that dates back centuries. Almost every culture indulges in some form of body adornment, much of this is done in relation to a ceremonial purpose; religious affiliation, social status or family. This was no less true in Italy; however, there are some unique differences in the approach of the Italian designer to jewelry that is linked to the great role of Rome in world history. The campaigns that extended the power of the Roman empire to far corners of the world, resulted in different influences coming to bear on the Italian artistic design of jewelry.

In many of the works by classical Italian jewelry designers, you see traces of Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture. How the combination of these cultures impacted the development of designs, is easy to see from the discoveries of jewelry made during the ancient Etruscan period in southern Italy. From the 9th to 4th centuries B.C., these early Italian jewelry designers, whose gold jewelry designs have never been equaled in beauty, perfected the techniques that are still in use in making Italian designer jewelry today. A prime example of the value jewelers place on their craft is seen in the life of one of the best known 19th century Italian jewelry designers, Pio Fortuna Castellani, who studied and revived the Etruscan “granulation” technique for crafting gold jewelry. Castellani, among others throughout the history of Italian jewelry design, have infused passion into this craft of beauty, that in many regions of the country is almost an obsession. This is the main factor which has set their production apart from the rest of the world.

Gold has always been the most highly used metal in Italian designer jewelry; respecting the fact that the human body, mind and spirit has a strong, innate connection to gold, more than any other metal. Prized for its affinity to the color to the sun, our powerful lifegiver on earth, the attraction of gold is magnetic and was revered in ancient times. The demand for gold Italian designer jewelry of today has not lessened, but the wonderful Italian sterling silver jewelry cannot be ignored either. Now there are Italian jewelry designers that have chosen to work exclusively in the highest quality sterling silver, creating beautiful ornaments for every part of the body. The demand for Italian designer jewelry is the result of high production standards along with the originality, quality and diversity. The history of craftsmanship of Italian designer jewelry has always been highly valued, whether it was for gold, sterling silver or gemstone pieces.

Italian designer jewelry today continues to make fashion history with designs in bold and delicate gold, oversized and trendy sterling silver with diamonds or semi-precious gemstones. When you are ready to adorn your body with something beautiful, take advantage of the rich history of Italian designer jewelry to satisfy your every desire.

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