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Diamonds are Always in Fashion
Ask any woman about diamonds and you will discover that when jewelry is concerned, the diamond is the most popular one. There is certain attractiveness about this stone that turns it into extremely attractive and any woman gets the scratchy feeling when she is given a diamond from the beloved person. It’s that emotion of being supreme, as if you are the most beautiful woman on the planet. [.....]

Discover the Radiance of Akoya Pearls
Blemish-free whiteness, purity, and luster- these sum up the brilliance of the world-famous Akoya pearls. The word ‘akoya’ refers to saltwater in the Japanese language and are also known as saltwater pearls or classic cultured pearls of Japan. [.....]

Tissot Watches
Wrist watches have always been the fantasy of young people and the need for the elders. In this fast paced world it is very necessary to keep track of time. Otherwise one could easily land up in serious problems. Earlier people used to view time from various other sources which were not that much trendy and portable. Some of the other sources are wall clocks and table clocks. [.....]

Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry is often referred to as Vintage Jewelry, this is the kind of jewelry that dates back a few dozens of years, or in some cases even hundreds of years, it is clear that the older the jewelry is the chances of it being worth more increases [.....]

White gold jewellery for another type of gold
White gold, and so did white gold jewellery like white gold engagement rings , began gaining a lot of popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century as an alternative to platinum. Platinum was steadily becoming more and more fashionable [.....]

Non Piercing Body Jewelry
Non-piercing body jewelry is jewelry which looks exactly like piercing body jewelry, but does not actually make any type of hole in the skin. Typically they adhere by clips, or, in some case, even with the aid of special magnets. Body piercing is a recent trend with the new generation [.....]

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